This place, this format, this freedom – it has served me well.

From my very first post – The Fat Chick to my very last Things I learnt after Joining an MMA type gym, there has been healing in this place. Allot of laughter. A few friends.

But everything has a time. And all things must end eventually. Although this place will always be my first love. And for that sake I will leave it open and I will take it with me.

To live and not just exist was a mantra I claimed, when shit got dark.

But it is a time for new beginnings.

A time for branding.

A time to reclaim the things that were lost to me.

So forgive me if I quote myself – even if I do damn well make myself cry everytime:

“Stand tall and stand brave.
Allow no one to steal your Grace.

Stand not swayed by rhetoric or prejudice.
Opinion is only as powerful as education.

Stand not bowed by condemnation or judgement.
Your right to be is immutable.

Stand strong in courage and acceptance.
Life is too short and boring otherwise.

Stand unique in your own beauty.
We are all a canvas.

Stand powerful in your nature.
It is completely as it should be.

Stand gracious in your oddity.
God favours the interesting.

Stand lightly on the shoulders of friends.
They will keep you afloat.

Stand clear of the judgement of others.
Inevitably the high ground they inhabit is theirs alone.

Stand wise in your experience.
Life is one long lesson.

Stand in awe of your Self.
Know that your true being is precious.

Stand tall and free and bold.
Allow no one to hold your past against you.

Stand your truth.”

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