Almost a year ago I wrote this:

“I am glad animals don’t have souls. They have something better. Purer. Cleaner. There is no word for it I don’t think. But it is in their eyes.

I do not understand people who are intolerant of what others believe or how they live.

I do not understand people who view animals as something to be used and discarded, like last week’s rubbish.

I do not understand people.

I understand animals.

They are what they are, and they have no need to be more or less than that. They live. And they let live within the boundaries of their species.

We really should learn to do the same.”

I have added to my menagerie. It is more and bigger and truer and more precious than it ever was.

They give me joy and hope and love every day. Even old grumpy cat.

And I came to a realization, on hearing from a friend that her soul companion had crossed the rainbow bridge.

Animals, perhaps most especially dogs, reflect the truest part of all of us. Give a vicious soul a dog, and you will have a vicious dog.

Give a gentle soul a dog, and you will have the most profound connection you will ever experience in your life.

Perhaps they do not have souls because they do not need to earn the right to enter a better place. They do not need to prove themselves worthy.

And when they pass over, there is no question in my mind that they revert to the truest form of light and joy and wholeness and freedom that there is.

It does not make their passing any easier.

But they wait for us. Just out of sight. Just over the horizon. Whole and happy and at peace.

Run free Duchess. You are loved. You are adored. You are missed and you always will be. All of you are.

She waits for your Paula.

They all do. Happy and content to bide their time, till it is your time.

They wait for you. With love and patience.