As mentioned in many a blog, I am a nurturer. It is something that comes naturally to me, more often than not, to my detriment.

For the last while, I have been trying to teach myself to channel that ‘giving’ nature into safe arenas – undamaged people, charities, animals.

So, so many animals.

It’s an odd thing though. Having grown up on a farm you would think that I know much about furry creatures.

So not. I must have been asleep when that lesson was supposedly being learnt.

Having lived in a flat for quite a while, I limited my fur ownership to cats. One of the most grumpy ginger cats you have ever tried to scratch (seriously – she growls) and one of the most lovable grey kitties to ever stalk the earth.


Very content – I fully classified myself as ‘a cat person’. Well on my way to becoming ‘that crazy cat spinster type lady that lives in flat 2B’.

But life happens. I moved a few times. I inherited a bird.  Then a worm farm. All the while still doing my ‘crazy cat lady’ thing.

Until the nurturing side of me was just about bursting. I needed something, and this is the rub, something needy. That is an inherent problem with people who are nurturers. We seek out the needy because they validate us to a degree.

So I got dogs. Completely spur of the moment. One day I had a bird, a worm farm and 2 cats. The next day I had adopted Muffin the Precious and a month later, Blossom the Cherished.



Now I classify myself as the ‘crazy spinster type lady with the menagerie’ and I couldn’t be happier.

The vast amount of joy, happiness, love that these two needy little souls have added to my life in the last year is staggering. And I can never thank them, if thanking dogs was a thing, enough.

I still have misery cat and happy cat, still have red canary and the worm farm ‘Borg’. Add in a few more canaries and finches and that’s me. I love them all and I will do everything in my power to make them happy and have good, full lives.

But the puppies. The puppies fill a part of my nature that is so often destructive.

I cannot fathom why I never got them sooner.

Perhaps these specific two were waiting for me. Or I for them.

Muffin the Precious and Blossom the Cherished.

both puppies

They taught me the greatest thing of all. Family is not the same for everyone.